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Dried strawberries are a dry fruit favorite. Eat them alone for a tasty treat. They are wonderful in cakes and muffins. Sweet and sour flavor. High in vitamin C and silicon. Said to strengthen teeth and gums.

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Dehydrated StrawberriesDehydrated Strawberries


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Dried StrawberriesDried Strawberries


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Dried StrawberriesDried Strawberries


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Dried Strawberry Uses

Use dried strawberries in place of high sugar syrups to make strawberry milk. Just toss them in a blender with milk! Use dried strawberries as a sweet addition to puddings or cake icings. Toss dried strawberries over a tossed salad. Mix dried strawberries in trail mix for a little something different from your standard snack mix. If you like DIY projects, use dried strawberries to make a homemade, natural fruit flavored lip balm by mixing finely chopped dried strawberries with a little coconut oil and petroleum jelly.