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Raisins have a bunch of iron. Raisins are some of the best dried fruit: they're sweet, tasty and good for you! Eat a handful or two as a snack for extra energy before swimming, running or going about your day. Add them to your hot or cold breakfast cereal.

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We cannot ship any of these items to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada

Organic Select Raisins With Oil


ID#: D340050

Select Oil Treated Raisins


ID#: D340081

Thompson Select Seedless Raisins


ID#: D340086

Midget Seedless Raisins


ID#: D340091

Golden Seedless Raisins


ID#: D340096

Currants with Oil


ID#: D340101

Select Raisins


ID#: D340105

Medium Flame Raisins


ID#: D340205

What are Thompson raisins?

Thompson raisins come from the same variety as golden raisins, or Sultana raisins. They are the Mediterranean variety and named after William Thompson, who first introduced this type of raisin to California. Thompson raisins are larger than most types and very dark in color.