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No matter what the job, we hope you'll be glad to be at Red Hill General Store.

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Hillsville Retail Store

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The go-to place in the Blue Ridge for finding what you need and getting things done.


Quality merchandise and good service doesn't happen by accident. Our commitment to fair price, trusted products and first-rate local customer service in Virginia has been central to our identity and purpose since 1998. We strive to grow with the same practical integrity we use to select and ship our products, with greater pride in our workmanship and healthy everyday living for all.

Ordering via the Internet should be safe, private and secure. We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all personal & order information. We have not and will never begin "selling" customer information to third parties.

CSR ASPIRATIONS (Corporate Social Responsibility)

We will never claim to be a perfect company, but we will address difficult issues and strive to be honest about our ability or inability to resolve them. Responsible product supply, labeling and distribution infrastructure is an ongoing social challenge. We hand-pick products with trusted standards we've learned over time. We encourage product manufacturers to reduce product impact and uphold quality and affordability.

While we want you to always choose to purchase from us because you love our products, we want you to feel good about where it's from. Our customer service, shipping department, and retail store team members earn good wages for workers in the United States; which is in sharp contrast to the 20 cents per hour wages of call centers and internet shipping business abroad.

Operating retail stores responsibly in America requires risk taking and long-term investment. The industry's relentless and blind pursuit of the lowest possible wages cannot be sustained over time. Moreover, providing markets for local commodities is critical to thriving communities.

There is satisfaction in being an independently owned and operated small business which uses local resources sustainability, employs workers at decent wages and meaningfully serves community citizens.


In 1998 Red Hill General Store online was established in the rural mountains of Southwest Virginia. It was named after the now closed country store in Dugspur, Virginia. We became excited about the idea of an online store that would sell trusted goods found in old-time community hardware stores. We were the first pioneers bringing back these superior simple-living hard-to-find items to the customer online.

The business was smaller in every way: fewer people, fewer products and less space.

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Red Hill General Store's inherited expertise fueled an array of practical retail websites. Today we operate multiple sites and take pride in passing know-how to our customers. As a small business our service is meaningful and we're small enough (to holler to Kandy in shipping across the building, for example) to guarantee efficient service, quality goods and trust we once demanded from product suppliers in this country.

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In 2006 Red Hill General Store moved out of its first location and onto Sylvatus Highway. The buildings were once home to triangle furniture. It was a major milestone.

Red Hill General Store had room to grow.

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In November 2009, beside office headquarters Red Hill General Store opened it's first retail store. It was our second major milestone - making the leap from the internet to the retail world - and everyone was involved in the process. Red Hill General Store filled with simple old-time remedies that make life easier, hard-to-find supplies for farms or gardens, comfortable clothing, and practical supplies for living.

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In 2011 the second Retail Store opened in Raleigh, NC. To learn more about the character of the now-closed Raleigh store click here. Our store in Raleigh is no longer open.

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Not many authentic general stores are left -- but the thrill and experience of visiting Red Hill General Store will take you back. It is our prideful pleasure to provide convenient and affordable groceries (like eggs and beef from our family farm) raised the old-fashioned way on small local farms to a regional food shead. Our shelves are filled with a wondrous variety of hard-to-find items, old-fashioned candy, trusted brands, and genuine products still practical today!

Hillsville's only local hardware store announced in early 2019 they would no longer be selling hardware. After this news and with thoughtful consideration, Red Hill General Store decided to purchase most of their hardware stock, the key making machine, and added many new items to existing merchandise.

Red Hill believes independent hardware stores in small towns are critical to a healthy local economy. When it comes to hardware stores, service and selection still mean something.

With loads of new hardware inventory, your neighbors at Red Hill General Store hope you will think of us the next time you need things for projects and repairs.

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Red Hill General Store is a business, a building, a way of life, and a family. Through the years technology, people, buildings and culture have changed. How people are treated and how to conduct honest business is the same and we're always working for ways to make it better.

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