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RED HILL ENERGYDedicated to the Community. Investing in our future.

With some of the best renewable energy resources in the country, Red Hill General Store has taken the opportunity to be a leader in their development and bring new revenue streams into the state’s economy.

Residential renewable energy will be an important component of our future power grid. We imagine a world in which some of your energy needs are produced right at home - without the bill each month. This is distributed energy. The type of residential renewable energy system that's right for you will depend upon the land and topogrophy at your disposal.

Why renewables, exactly?

As concerns about rising fossil fuel prices, energy security and climate change increase, renewable energy can play a key role in producing local, clean, and inexhaustible energy to supply our growing demand for electricity, heat, and transportation fuel. Renewable resources, over the long term, can provide energy at a known cost that is not susceptible to the volitatle instability of fossil fuel supply and demand.

Why do we care?

We got really excited about renewable energy endeavors and exploring this page will help you understand where we are, how it works, and our progress. Nevertheless, we do what we can as small business and support those efforts to bring renewable energy infastructure to our American communities.

We currently have three experimental projects which we built and installed ourselves: one 5.5 kilowatt wind turbine in Fancy Gap, Virginia and two residential water turbines one off the power gird and one connected to the grid.

Renewable energy is easy. These are some learn-by-doing projects.

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Red Hill Energy Wind Turbine
Red Hill Energy Water Turbine
Red Hill Energy Wind Turbine

Red Hill Energy Wind Turbine
The Red Hill Breezy 5.5 is a grid tie wind turbine designed to work in conjunction with the utility company to offset or eliminate your electricity cost. The Red Hill Breezy 5.5 was designed by Prairie Home Turbine and over 50 breezy wind Turbine are flying around the world. This is a tried and true wind turbine with a simple and reliable design that will spin for many years. The Breezy is built with off the-shelf parts that can be purchased locally and are readily available. We wanted to produce a turbine that would be affordable to the common person.

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Red Hill Energy Water Turbine
The Hydro Turbine is perfect for smaller plots of land that have water flowing. Water Turbine are based upon the total height of the flow and the volume (amount of water) flowing. Find out if your site is a candidate for Hydro Power by contacting Red Hill General Store. The price range is $1,000 to $5,000. These systems will pay for themselves in 6-36 months. Hydro Power runs 24/7 - 365 meaning smaller systems can be used to produce a substantial amount of energy. The sizes range from a 500 watt system to a 3,000 watt system.

Back in the woods an off grid cabin has received a Red Hill General Store water turbine that is producing free energy for a much "brighter" way of living. This 500watt machine produces three phase electricity.

How it works: Water from the creek drops 48 feet through 500 feet of three inch PVC pipe. The flow at the bottom of the pipe is 50 gallons per minute. Water is directed through two nozzles which turns a turgo runner. The turgo runner makes the power. The power is rectified; converted from AC to DC and then goes to the charge controller. This decides if the electricity goes to the batteries or to the dump load (our dump load is a hot water heater). The batteries are two golf cart batteries. A final inverter converts the power to the household current(AC). 

Red Hill Energy Water Turbine

Red Hill Energy Water Turbine
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A four family home in Dugspur, Virginia is the sight of the first Red Hill General Store grid tie water turbine and the whole family loves being involved with the workings of the power making machine.

It is an induction three phase motor specifically wired for a grid tie with the power company. It has a double fed induction generator (DFIC) which means we are running it from the power company so the family can sell the power back to them at 60 cycles per second. This turbine currently produces about 250 watts (that’s 180000 watts a month). The turbine is currently being retrofitted to increase this amount.
Red Hill Energy Wind Turbine Red Hill Energy Water Turbine

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