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Red Hill Energy Water Turbine

Red Hill Energy Water Turbine
Red Hill Energy Water Turbine
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Off the Grid Water Turbine
Red Hill Energy Off the Grid Water Turbine
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On the Grid Tie Water Turbine

A four family home in Dugspur, Virginia is the sight of the first Red Hill Energy Grid Tie Water Turbine and the whole family loves being involved in the project.
Red Hill Energy Grid Tie Water Turbine
The On the Grid Tie Water Turbine is an induction three phase motor specifically and conveniently wired for a grid tie with the power company. It has a double fed induction generator (DFIC) which means we are running it from the power company so the family can sell the power back to them at 60 cycles per second. This turbine currently produces about 250 watts (that’s 180000 watts a month). The turbine is being retrofitted to increase this amount.

Placed in at the bottom of two creeks the year 2010 marks the installation of two different and very useful water turbines.

A cabin and a four family home are being powered with Red Hill General Hydro energy.

This page contains the history and up to date information of both water turbines
. Pictures begin with the construction and placement of each water turbine. Bookmark this page and come back often to stay updated.

We've embarked on the beginning of the last days of the age of oil. Embrace the future and recognize the growing demand for a wide range of fuels or ignore reality and slowly—but surely—be left behind.
-- Mike Bowlin, chairman and CEO of BP

Exploring this page will help you understand where we are, how it works, and our progress on water Turbine.

The Hydro Turbine is perfect for smaller plots of land that have water flowing. Water Turbine are based upon the total height of the flow and the volume (amount of water) flowing. Find out if your site is a candidate for Hydro Power by contacting Red Hill General Store. The price range is $1,000 to $5,000. These systems will pay for themselves in 6-36 months. Hydro Power runs 24/7 - 365 meaning smaller systems can be used to produce a substantial amount of energy. The sizes range from a 500 watt system to a 3,000 watt system.