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Dried pineapple is naturally sweet with a delightfully tropical taste. Dried pineapples are a great on the go snack and are perfect for baked goods, trail mixes and a sweet topping for ice cream sundaes.

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Dried Pineapple RingsDried Pineapple Rings


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Dried Pineapple CoresDried Pineapple Cores


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All Natural Dried Pineapple RingsAll Natural Dried Pineapple Rings


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All Natural Dried Pineapple All Natural Dried Pineapple


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Uses for dried pineapple

Dried pineapple has tons of ways it can be used. Try some of the following ideas for an unexpected treat: Rehydrate and use for sweet and sour chicken or pork recipes; Mix with cream cheese for a sweet bagel or toast spread; Mix into cocktails for a tropical flair; Sprinkle over pizza with a little bacon for an instant Hawaiian pizza; Toss into a salad for a sweet taste and crunchy bite.