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Red Hill General Store is where to buy cornmeal for the best prices on bulk corn meal and for making big corn meal recipes like cornmeal muffins, cornmeal pancakes, and cornmeal mush. Make a purchase from one of one of our many choices of cornmeal and start your bulk food supply today!

Shipping Information

We cannot ship any of these items to Alaska, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Canada

White Corn Meal


ID#: D160010

Coarse Yellow Cornmeal


ID#: D160015

Fine Yellow Cornmeal


ID#: D160017

Light Roast Yellow Cornmeal


ID#: D160023

Regular Roast Yellow Cornmeal


ID#: D160033

Brinsers Best Yellow Corn Meal


ID#: D160050

Brinses Best Yellow Corn Meal


ID#: D160053



ID#: D424122

What is the difference between corn meal and corn flour?

Corn flour and corn meal differ in their processing and use. Corn meal can be processed into coarse, medium, and fine grades. Corn flour is processed into a much finer grain. Their uses in recipes/cooking/baking are similar, however, result in different flavors and textures. Corn flour is not used in soups because of its strong taste. Corn grain can be thrown under raw pizza dough for easy oven placing and removal.

Is corn meal gluten free?

Cornmeal is gluten free unless manufactured on machinery that has also processed wheat ingredients.