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Glass Milk Bottles

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Half Pint Milk Bottle

Half Pint

   Short Pint Milk Bottle

Short Pint

   Tall Pint Milk Bottle

Tall Pint

   Quart Milk Bottle


   Liter Milk Bottle


   Round Quart Milk bottle

Round Quart

   Half Gallon Milk Bottle

Half Gallon

In Stock. Seven Styles. Ready to Ship. Old fashioned glass milk bottles and caps for sale at Red Hill General Store. Fill these glass milk bottles with candies, nuts, pickled vegetables, oils, spices or any other food or beverage product. Use them for water, tea or lemonade and chill in the refrigerator for a refreshing drink. Place an order today on a beautiful set of glass milk bottles! Reusable, dishwasher safe.

Clear Glass Milk Bottles
  • Clear Glass Milk Bottles
  • Available in Single, Small Case Pack & Case Pack quantities
  • Bottles and caps are brand new, not seconds or antique bottles
  • Food and beverage safe
  • All bottles include snap on cap, caps are BPA free
  • Replacement milk bottle caps are available and sold separately
  • Attachable plastic handles are available and sold separately

Half Pint Glass Milk Bottles

Half Pint Glass Milk Bottles

These small glass milk bottles are perfect for picnics and parties! The old fashioned design has a flared top and a thick, sturdy build. Impress your friends and family with these quaint reusable glass bottles!

Base Diameter: 2 1/4"
Height: 5 3/8"
Bottle Opening: 1 5/8"
1/2 Pint Glass Milk Bottle

1/2 Pint Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $3.16 per bottle

1/2 Pint Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(30 Bottles) - 2.98 per bottle

Short Pint Glass Milk Bottles

Short Pint Glass Milk Bottles

These mini glass milk bottles are great for serving a pint sized beverage! This glass milk bottle features a wide, stout design with thick, sturdy glass. Drink a glass of lemonade in the garden, then use it as a vase for flowers!

Base: 2 7/8"
Height: 5 3/4"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
Short Pint Glass Milk Bottle

Short Pint Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $1.75 per bottle

Short Pint Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(24 Bottles) - $1.52 per bottle

Tall Pint Glass Milk Bottles

Short Pint Glass Milk Bottles

These mini milk bottles are tall and elegant for old fashioned drinks. Serve milk, lemonade, and orange juice with vintage flare. You will never use a regular cup again after you try these quality glass milk bottles!

Base: 2 3/8"
Height: 7 3/8"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
Tall Pint Glass Milk Bottle

Tall Pint Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $1.75 per bottle

Tall Pint Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(24 Bottles) - $1.52 per bottle

Quart Glass Milk Bottles

Quart Glass Milk Bottles

Quart glass milk bottles are your standard sized milk bottles for extraordinary drinks! This glass milk bottle features a square base for a snug fit in milk bottle carriers. A quart is a good sized drink for milk, tea, lemonade, and more!

Base: 2 3/4"
Height: 8 3/8"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
Quart Glass Milk Bottle

Quart Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $1.91 per bottle

Quart Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(24 Bottles) - $1.70 per bottle

Round Quart Glass Milk Bottles

Round Quart Glass Milk Bottles

These quart milk bottles have an elegant design with a round base and tall neck. They make great containers for tea and lemonade. After you are done picnicking in the garden, pick some flowers for a quaint vase!

Base Diameter: 3 1/4"
Height: 9 5/8"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
Round Quart Glass Milk Bottle

Round Quart Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $1.91 per bottle

Round Quart Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(24 Bottles) - $1.70 per bottle

Liter Glass Milk Bottles

Liter Glass Milk Bottles

This liter glass milk jug is slightly larger than the quart glass milk bottles. It has a similar design with thick glass, square base, and tall structure. These glass milk bottles make great liquid containers and decorative items.

Base: 3"
Height: 9 1/4"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
Liter Glass Milk Bottle

Liter Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(6 Bottles) - $1.91 per bottle

Liter Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(12 Bottles) - $1.70 per bottle

Half Gallon Milk Bottles

Half Gallon Glass Milk Bottles

Half gallon glass milk bottles are as big as they get. If you want some serious drinks, you will need two to six of these with a milk bottle carrier. You'll be mixing and storing large drinks with this half gallon milk bottle.

Base Length: 4 3/4"
Base Width: 3 1/2"
Height: 10 1/4"
Bottle Opening: 1 1/4"
1/2 Gallon Glass Milk Bottle

1/2 Gallon Glass Milk Bottle Small Case Pack
(4 Bottles) - $3.24 per bottle

1/2 Gallon Glass Milk Bottle Case Pack
(9 Bottles) - $2.88 per bottle

Glass Milk Bottle Caps

Purchase milk bottle lids to keep drinks inside bottles, where they belong!
Our thick plastic lids make a satisfying snap for a secure fit.

Caps are BPA Free.
You will receive either white or clear caps depending on available stock

Half Pint Milk Bottle CapsDiameter: 2 1/2"

1/2 Pint Replacement Milk Bottle Caps
(Replacement for 1/2 pint bottle caps only)
(6 Caps) - $0.25 per cap

Milk Bottle CapsDiameter: 2 1/4"

Replacement Milk Bottle Caps
(Replacement caps for Milk Bottles except for 1/2 pint size(see above))
(6 Caps) - $0.25 per cap

Glass Milk Bottle Plastic Handles

Milk Bottle Handles

These milk bottle handles are a great addition to a set of glass milk bottles. The sturdy and simple plastic design makes it easy to carry individual bottles. To apply, make the plastic pliable by submerging the handle in hot water (not boiling) . Then stretch it over the neck of the bottle, below the glass rim. (See More about attaching the handle)

Length: 3"
Width: 3"
Diameter: 2"

Note these handles do not fit on the half pint bottle

Individual Plastic Handle

6 Pack Plastic Handles

Milk Bottle Brush

Milk Bottle Brush

Wire Milk Bottle Carrier

Wire Milk Bottle Carriers

Ceramic Milk Bottle

Ceramic Milk Bottle

Customer Reviews
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Clear Glass
Customer Service
These are in fact clear glass milk bottles.
Posted at 2:09:pm 05/16/16
Just making sure.... the bottles are clear, aren't they? I'm assuming that there's just colored water in them so they show up better in photos.
Posted at 8:22:pm 05/14/16
I have some antique quart glass milk bottles. The diameter of the opening of the bottle is 1". Do you have lids that would fit these bottles?

Posted at 5:54:pm 05/01/16
Personalized Bottles
Customer Service
Currently we are not offering personalized bottles but we are working to be able to provide this service.
Posted at 5:22:pm 03/29/16
alice kunkel
How could we get the jars personized?
Posted at 3:05:pm 03/29/16
Glass Milk Bottles
Beth-Ann Flood
I have purchased the 1/2 gal. Size Glass Milk Bottles and Plastic Caps. I reuse the caps because the milk is for my family and not resale. I buy raw milk from a local farmer to make home made, Cheese, Yougurt and Butter etc.. I use the left over whey for making homemade Bread. The good thing about the Glass Milk Bottles is that I can sanitize the bottles and reuse them at the farm dairy. You can buy milk already in plastic gallon jugs at the farm, But they are not reusable.

I also purchased the wire carrier. Both the Bottles and Wire Carriers were delivered unbroken, well made and came before I expected them.....

The only draw back is that the 1/2 gal. Bottles are heavy to carry when they are full. I usually purchase between 4 and 8 gallons of milk at a time. But to be able to get fresh from the Cow, Pasture Raised, NO ANTIBIOTICS, Milk and get to know the "Ladies & their Babies", is a Win, Win for this consumer.

Glass Milk Bottles and Carriers are hard to come by and I am so pleased with my purchases!

Posted at 2:24:am 03/01/16
Perfect for My Needs!
Sara S
I ordered a half-gallon milk bottle for making sun tea, and have been very, very pleased with the quality and the design of the bottle.

The plastic lids are very sturdy. (I ordered a pack of spare lids, but I'm still on my first one, despite frequent, daily use over several months.)

My bottle was shipped quickly and was professionally wrapped.

Yay! Red Hill General Store. You rock!!

Posted at 10:39:pm 09/21/15
Great 4 my heavy coffee cream!!!
I just hate having my heavy whip coffee creamer in cardboard containers and I tried putting it in a regular glass container ... It immediately within one day got sour! so when I found these original milk and cream bottles, I knew it was my answer!
Thank you for bringing back a lil' of the good'ole days!
These are the VERY BEST milk n cream bottles! And don't forget to get a few extra caps and some carrying handles... Dang; I forgot to order a bottle brush! Shoot
Posted at 10:19:am 08/20/15
Milk & Juice Bottles
Not only are these great for milk and cream. They are also great for juices, even homemade juices and smoothies. Luv the half pint & pint served with a straw and a side order of cast iron cooking. So glad I found this site.
Posted at 12:58:pm 05/06/15
Milk Bottles
Dee Dee Robinson
I love the milk bottles I purchased from RedHill General Stores... I gave many of my milk bottles away to family and friend. Now I am in the process of buying more for gifts and replenish my collection. My children and grands love them too....

Thank you so very much for preserving history.
Posted at 5:44:pm 03/12/15
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Milk Bottle Knowledgebase

How To Attach A Handle To A Glass Milk Bottle

Handles attach securely around the neck of glass milk bottles for easy carrying. Handles fit all sizes, except the half pint glass bottle. Read these simple instructions for attachment:
Milk Bottle Handles

Heat a pot of water on the stove. Low to medium heat works fine.
Heating Water
Place plastic handle(s) in hot water for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This will make them flexible, without becoming too hot to manage by hand.

Warming Bottle Handle  Pliable Handle
Pop handle over neck of bottle. It will stretch then contract to fit securely.
Allow to cool for a couple minutes. Click here to view our handles.

Vintage Glass Milk Bottle History

The glass milk bottle was first patented in New York in 1878 by George Lester. This marked the beginning of milk delivery in glass milk bottles.

Pasteurization was developed in 1894 by Anthony Hailwood, allowing safe sterilization and storage of milk. Pasteurized milk could be delivered once a day rather than multiple times per day. Before pasteurization, if you were on the end of the milkman's delivery route, you might be getting spoiled milk!

Milk deliveries did not begin with glass milk bottles. The milkman would ladle out milk from a large pitcher or pail. This practice was very hazardous and unhealthy. The New York State Tuberculosis Association condemned the selling of "loose milk" in 1922, and cited it as a major cause of tuberculosis. Delivery of milk in glass milk bottles soon became universal, a landmark in the history of glass milk bottles!

Colored milk bottles were created and used in the early 1900's. It was believed that the darker glass would help protect the milk.

Advertisements began to appear on milk bottles in 1920. They were etched into the glass using a sandblasting technique. This technique was used until the early 1990s when infrared bottle scanners became a safer way to enscribe.

Dating Vintage Glass Milk Bottles

Three key features will help determine the age of a glass milk bottle.

  1. Side seams
  2. Base type
  3. Top type

Vintage Glass Milk Bottle

If the bottle has no side seams, the bottle may have been free blown. The bottle would have an uneven shape and would date before 1860.

If the bottle was Blown In Mold (BIM), the side seams run from the base to below the top of the lip. The age of this bottle would be approximately 1860 to 1870.

If the bottle was made in a 3 Piece Mold (3PM), the bottom half will have no seams. A seam would be near the shoulder that runs around the circumference of the bottle. This bottle type was used between 1840 and 1870.

If the bottle is American Bottle Machine (ABM), the side seam runs through the top of the lip. It would have been made between 1905 to 1920.

Vintage Glass Milk Bottle with handle

If the base is Open Pontil, there is a circle of glass on the base, and the bottle dates before 1860.

If the base is Iron Pontil, there is a scar on the base like an etching, and the bottle dates between 1845 and 1870.

If the base is smooth, the bottle dates 1870 or later.

Crown tops date after 1892.

Screw tops usually date after 1920.

Another handy tool: If your bottle is American made and has a patent number, go to to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This will help date your antique glass milk bottle.

How To Determine If Your Vintage Glass Milk Bottle Is Rare

Rare glass milk bottles are susceptible to reproduction. Here are a few tips to determine if a vintage milk bottle is rare:
The bottle has a domed glass lid and a metal bail.
The bottle is made of white or green glass, rather than the standard clear or amber glass.
Bottles labeled with war slogans
Thatcher brand milk bottles with embossed labels.

Labeling On Vintage Glass Milk Bottles

Early labeling on glass milk bottles was achieved by blowing characters and designs onto bottles in a process called embossing. By 1934, embossing was the primary method of labeling on all dairy containers. Characters and designs were usually simple, consisting of the name of the dairy, city, and state.

An example of an embossed label.
Emobossed Glass Milk Bottle