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Milk Bottle Caps

Milk Bottle Caps
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Durable and reusable Milk Bottle Caps. Order single and bulk quantities.
Each bottle includes one cap of your color choice.

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White Cap Milk Bottle Caps
(6 Pack - $0.25 each)



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Milk bottle caps are comaptabile with all our glass milk bottle sizes. These washable and reusable glass milk bottle caps are a BPA-Free thick plastic. Choose six colored caps in red, yellow, green, blue, black or white.

The colored caps fit only the seven largest glass milk bottle sizes: half-gallon, liter, quart, pint, and 12 ounce glass milk bottles are 2" in diameter and available in multiple colors. Milk bottle lids for the smallest half-pint mini milk bottle are 2 1/4" in diameter and available only in the translucent white color.

Our milk bottle caps snap on and prevent spills during transport. Handy for bringing your favorite drink along with you in a sturdy glass milk bottle. Purchase milk bottle lids to keep drinks inside bottles, where they belong!

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