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Old Craftsmen's Brand Cleaning Products

Can you say must have?! These handy classic craftsman cleaners are powerful cleaning products formulated to restore well-worn surfaces.

You will not regret rubbing the Old Craftsman Scratch Remover on your scuffed wood and witnessing the transformation for yourself. Old Craftsman Scratch Remover restores worn wood and scuffed leather. It is recommended by cabinet makers.

Did you forget a coaster? Hot plates or beverages leaving those gross white marks on your tables? Old Craftsman White Ring Spot Remover is first aid for your furniture. Can be used for anything wet that leaves white rings!

You will also find Old Craftsman Marble Cleaner as a practical and easy-to-use product that restores marble shine. Have years of the wrong marble cleaning products made your marble counters an awful dull greyish color? Old Craftsman Marble Cleaner can help! This product will remove the dull grey and restore your marble to its original color.

When you decorate with elegant tall candles Old Craftsman Stick-Um Candle Adhesive is perfect for keeping your candles safely in place. Designed to never harden, you can use this adhesive again and again. Place a pea size portion into a candle base and twist the candle into the holder for a non-moving display. Old Craftsman Brand Stick-Um Candle Adhesive is also great for positioning small items, preventing slipping and moving of items on display, or in still life artwork. Craftsman Stick-Um Candle Adhesive is a favorite of small and tabletop product photographers.