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Zareba EA5M-Z Electric Fence Charger

Zareba EA5M-Z Electric Fence Charger

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The Zareba 5 mile AC powered low impedance charger powers up to 5 mile of vegetation-free fence wire. Just plug in this fence energizer, which is governed by low impedance technology, to power your fence and control wildlife, pets and short-haired livestock. This 0.1 J energizer features include a rugged, weather-resistant case and an indicator light that shows the charger is operating.

High-power, low-cost
Extension power cord for easy placement
Electric powered fence charger can be used for electric fence containment of nuisance animals like raccoons or ground hogs and other small animals like dogs and cats
Pulsating AC current output energizer
Weather-resistant cabinet to protect the circuitry of the charger

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