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Electric Fence Chargers

The electric fence charger is the cornerstone of any electric fence. The charger maintains the voltage on the fence as well as determining the severity of the shock the animal will receive. When choosing a electric fence charger several factors must be kept in mind. The type of animal you're trying to keep in or out, length of your fence, vegetation around the fence, power source (AC,DC or Solar) and the power output in joules.

AC Electric Fence Charger

Uses regular household current.
Will charge electric fences from 100 feet to 20 miles. Controls short haired animals and pets
Choose from these models if you need a basic electric fence and have access to household current.
Click here for the difference between Solid State and Low Impedance Chargers
Low-impedance electric fence controllers utilize special circuitry and transformers to maintain high energy levels on the fence. Models available rated up to 100 miles and for heavy weed conditions. Ideal for longer, multi-strand poly wire, tape, rope or high tensile fence systems. Use for all animals including predators. Uses regular household current. Offers the highest power of any fence controller.
Choose from these models if you need a high powered charger and have access to AC Power.
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DC Electric Fence Charger

These models use either 6 or 12 volt batteries.
Ideal for remote locations or areas without access to AC power. Charges fences from 100 feet up to 10 miles.
Select from these electric fence chargers if you need a basic charger but don't have access to AC power.
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Solar Electric Fence Charger

Ideal for remote locations or areas without access to AC power. Charges up to 10 miles of fence with low impedance technology to maintain maximum energy levels on the fence. These models can compensate for energy loss caused by weeds or fence load and can be used to control most animals.
Select a solar electric charger if you need a self contained unit that requires little maintenance. i.e.. changing batteries.
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Pet Fence Electric Fence Charger

High-power, low-cost electric-powered pet electric fence chargers & kits. Continuous AC current output. Plugs into a standard 110-120 V outlet.
Recommended for protecting flower beds, gardens or other small areas from pets or small animals. May also be used for pet containment.

There are two basic types of electric fence chargers, low impedance and solid state.
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Low Impedance Electric Fence Chargers
Low impedance electric fence chargers are capable of making contact with vegetation and still maintaining the capability of delivering a repelling shock to livestock and are better suited to high vegetation areas, & long mutli-stand fences. They work well with wire, tape and rope fencing.
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Solid State Electric Fence Chargers
Delivers a medium amperage shock in pulses of medium duration. They are best used to control shorthaired livestock, small animals, and pets where light weed conditions exist.

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Electric Fence Chargers