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Electric Fence Lightning Protection

Protect your investment in your electric fence with products from out line of Electric Fence Lightning Protection. Installation of lightning protection helps protect your fence charger by creating a "path of least resistance," diverting lightning surges to the ground.

Please note: While these products will help protect your electric fence from lightning damage it is imperative to have a sound grounding system. Take the time and effort to install a proper grounding system, it will pay off.

To build an electric fence you will need a charger along with posts, insulators, fence wire or poly fencing and a grounding system. For basic information on electric fences see our Electric Fence Knowledge Base. You may also want to include a gate handle, lightning protection and a cutout switch. We carry all these items except posts, see our Electric Fence page and Electric Fence Supplies pages for our current product line.

Zareba ALA-Z Electric Fence Lightning Arrestor
Zareba ALA-Z Electric Fence Lightning Arrestor
Helps protect your fence charger diverts lightning surges to the ground


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