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Dare DE300 Enforcer Series Electric Fence Energizer

Dare DE300 Enforcer Series Electric Fence Energizer

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Best value! Provides the most output for each dollar spent. Use where electrical power source is available—only costs pennies a day to operate. When possible, 110 volt models are always the first choice. All Dare energizers use ultra low or low impedance technology with these standard features: Modular circuitry for fast and easy service. All weather construction for longer life. Peak Joule output under the most difficult fence conditions. Two year warranty including lightning damage on most models. Built in lightning protection. UL and CSA approved on most models. Designed and assembled in USA.

110 Volt
.75 Energy Output (In Joules)
Up to 75 acres controlled
Outperforms 110 Volt Energizers rated at 15-20 Miles
Recommended use for cattle/cows, horses, pigs and dogs
Dare #DE300

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