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Wild Bone 2002 Dog Biscuit

Wild Bone 2002 Dog Biscuit
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Wild Bone 2002 Dog Biscuit


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Wild Bone Dog Biscuit, Flavor: Quail, Ingredients: 50% USDA/FDA Quail Muscle Meat, Flax Seeds, Eggs, Green Beans, Carrots, Apples, Blueberries

No powdered meat
Minimal processing to protect nutrients
Packed with protein, omega-3s, amino acids, vitamins and minerals
Sourced and made in the USA
Flavor Quail
Ingredients 50 USDA/FDA Quail Muscle Meat Flax Seeds Eggs Green Beans Carrots Apples Blueberries
Height: 6"
Length: 5.5"
Width: 4.25"

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