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Fatcat Crazy Circle 29393 Cat Toy

Fatcat Crazy Circle 29393 Cat Toy
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Fatcat Crazy Circle 29393 Cat Toy


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With 360 deg of fun that'll bring out the kitten in any cat the FAT CAT Crazy Circle is a tubular plastic track that holds a removable, reloadable catnip ball. Your cat will poke at and chase through paw-sized openings that are ideal for swatting. This fun cat toy will drive cats crazy as they bat the ball around the circle trying to get it out. Great exercise toy and boredom buster. Made of durable, long-lasting, easy-to-clean plastic.

Color Blue
Material Plastic
Size L
Type Fun Filled Interactive
Height: 13.000"
Length: 17.750"
Width: 17.500"

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