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Aspenpet 0381598 Dog Training Collar

Aspenpet 0381598 Dog Training Collar
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Aspenpet 0381598 Dog Training Collar


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The ASPEN Pet Training prong collar keeps your dog comfortable while training. With nylon woven through the chain, this collar provides the same control as a traditional chain with the added benefits of reducing hair pulling, skin pinching and chain noise to decrease your pet's risk of injury during training.

Helps control even the most stubborn dog
Uses pressure points around the dogs neck to help leash train
Electronically welded for maximum strength
Nickle and chrome-plated for added durability
Collar Length 22 in
Collar Width 3.8 in
Color Silver
Finish Nickel Chrome
Link Type Prong
Height: 9.000"
Length: 2.000"
Width: 6.000"

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