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Taylor 5204 Thermometer

Taylor 5204 Thermometer
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Taylor 5204 Thermometer


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With two easy-apply suction cups, the Cardinal window view tube thermometer adheres securely to any smooth surface to help you prepare for the day ahead. The thermometer is designed with weather-resistant material that withstands all four seasons, from hot and humid summers to blistering below-zero winters. The thermometer gauge ranges from -40 to 120 deg and -40 to 50 deg C to ensure that you are always equipped with the most accurate temperature readings year-round. Beautiful and functional, enjoy the convenience of the local weatherman in your own backyard with the cardinal decorative tube thermometer from Taylor.

Dimensions 1/2 x 4 x 8 in
Mounting Type Window
Temperature Rating -40 to 120 deg F

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