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Swan Element Universal Plus Leader Hose

Swan Element Universal Plus Leader Hose
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Swan Element Universal Plus Leader Hose

1/2 Inch Hose - Length: 10 ft.



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Female couplings on both ends and a male adapter connected to one end, Swan’s Element-brand Universal+ hose provides every coupling combination for all of your garden hose needs.
This utility hose is ideal for extending your garden hose, as a connector hose for a hose reel, as a soaker system leader hose and as a dehumidifier drain hose. This 10-ft. universal hose is also excellent for any short-length watering application, so you can water small jobs in small spaces with ease.
This heavy-duty universal hose also provides a strong 400+ PSI burst strength, crush-resistant couplings and is constructed of a unique compound for extreme kink-resistance. Swan’s patented Hose Armour also prevents kinking at the water source.

Ideal for use as an extension to a garden hose, a reel-connector hose, a soaker system leader hose, a dehumidifier drain hose and for small-space watering
Fits all standard faucets and most water accessories
Made of unique compound that prevents kinking

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