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Swan Element SoakerPRO System Kit

Swan Element SoakerPRO System Kit
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Swan Element SoakerPRO System Kit

3/8 Inch Hose - Length: 100 ft.



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The SoakerPRO soaker hose system includes a 100-foot soaker hose. Featuring tiny holes or “pores” along its length, the soaker hose weeps water directly to plants’ root systems at a rate of 0.5 gallon–1 gallon per foot per hour on ground level. This not only reduces evaporation, but also uses up to 70 percent less water than a conventional sprinkler.
The SoakerPRO soaker system kit also includes 20 of Swan's exclusive EZ-Connect System connectors: two female feeder connectors, six T connectors, four female connectors, four male connectors and four plugs. A patented blue water restrictor in the female connectors controls water pressure and flow, further reducing water consumption.
These connectors are made of durable, high-impact plastic and are quick and easy to install: simply cut a hose and push the connectors in. An exclusive Friction-Fit® connection keeps them secure without twisting or clicking.

Soaker hose weeps water at a rate of 0.5 gallon–1 gallon per foot per hour on ground level directly to plants’ roots, reducing evaporation for more efficient watering
Soaker hose system kit for customized watering of large flowerbeds, gardens and landscaped areas
Economical and environmentally friendly

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