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Lyric 26-19098 Wild Bird Feed

Lyric 26-19098 Wild Bird Feed
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Lyric 26-19098 Wild Bird Feed


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There's an abundance of general-purpose wild birdseed mixes. Lyric Wild Bird Mix bird feed provides an economical choice with no waste or filler.

Attracts Northern Mockingbird Oak Titmouse Pine Siskin Plain Titmouse Purple Finch Red-Bellied Woodpecker Red-Breasted Nuthatch Red-Headed Woodpecker Red-Winged Blackbird Rose-Breasted Grosbeak Song Sparrow Spotted Towhee Stellers Jay Tufted Titmouse Varied Thrush Western Scrub Jay White-Breasted Nuthatch White-Crowned Sparrow and White-Throated Sparrow
Container Type Bag
Ingredients Black Oil Sunflower Seed Black Striped Sunflower Seed Cracked Corn Safflower Seed Shelled Peanuts White Proso Millet
Net Content 5 lb
Height: 10.500"
Length: 30.000"
Width: 12.500"

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