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Lyric 26-19094 Bird Seed

Lyric 26-19094 Bird Seed
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Lyric 26-19094 Bird Seed


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Black oil sunflower, millet, milo, and cracked corn

Attracts Oak Titmouse Pine Siskin Plain Titmouse Purple Finch Red-Bellied Woodpecker Red-Breasted Nuthatch Red-Headed Woodpecker Song Sparrow Tufted Titmouse Varied Thrush White-Breasted Nuthatch White-Crowned Sparrow and White-Throated Sparrow
Container Type Bag
Ingredients Black oil sunflower millet milo and cracked corn
Net Content 20 lb
Height: 3.500"
Length: 20.000"
Width: 12.000"

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