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LittleBigShot LBS-151 Adjustable Twist Hose Nozzle

LittleBigShot LBS-151 Adjustable Twist Hose Nozzle
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LittleBigShot LBS-151 Adjustable Twist Hose Nozzle


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The LittleBigShot super Nozzle is pound for pound the most effective, water-efficient hose nozzle you can buy. Fits any standard hose and adjusts from powerful sweeper to a pin point stream and everything in between. The LittleBigShot super nozzle is now available in polyketone, an engineering-grade thermoplastic known for great durability in harsh conditions-less wear and tear. It delivers 100% of the performance as the original, at a lower price point. The LittleBigShot weighs only a fraction of other adjustable nozzles, requiring far less materials to make.

40% more force
40% less water
Will not leak up to 60 psi
Color Blue
Connection Type GHT
Dimensions 1-3/4 in H x 1.1 in W x 1.1 in D
Material Polyketone
Nominal Size 4-Mar in
Pressure Rating 120 psi
Height: 7.5"
Length: 8.25"
Width: 5.5"

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