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La Crosse 724-1409 Rain Gauge

La Crosse 724-1409 Rain Gauge
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La Crosse 724-1409 Rain Gauge


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Self-emptying rain bucket empties via internal tilting cups. Rainfall daily history views time/date/day (up to 365 days). Rainfall readings: current, 1 hr, 24 hrs, 7 days, last month and total since initial setup. In/Out temperature (F/C). Programmable rain alert (Hi/Off). 12/24 manual set time and alarm. Calendar: day and date. Sensor signal strength icon. Low battery indicator.

Four digits high rain numbers range 0 to 9999 mm
Cylinder graph with ten sections that change with rain readings
24 hrs rain alert
Now rain event alert, raindrops flash no sound
Rainfall display in mm/in
Rain record view such as NOW, 1HR, 24HRS, 7 DAYS, MONTH, YEAR, TOTAL
Monthly rainfall history record for past 12 months
Strength indicator for rain sensor
Strength indicator for rain sensor
Battery Type AA
Dimensions 15-1/8 in H
Measuring Capacity 300 ft
Power Source (Rain Sensor) 2 AA LR6 Batteries
Power Source (Rain Station) 2AA IEC LR6 Batteries
RF Reception Range 300 ft
Temperature Rating 40 to 148 deg F

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