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Gilmour 883033-1001 Oscillating Sprinkler

Gilmour 883033-1001 Oscillating Sprinkler
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Gilmour 883033-1001 Oscillating Sprinkler


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Through innovative design and technology we have created a sprinkler that's easy to use, simple to adjust and intuitively customizes to fit your lawn. Our clever on-off flow control switch requires just one simple turn to move from on to off and every point in between. That means no more getting soaked when you want to move your sprinkler. Your water starts and stops when and where you want without running back and forth between spigot and sprinkler. Width controls are infinitely customizable and allow you to set each side independently. Recommended for new growth and gardens.

On/off switch eliminates trips from sprinkler to spigot and allows for fine tuning of water flow at the sprinkler
Width control tabs allow each side to adjust independently
For maximum customization, easily move the tabs into the position that best fits the desired coverage area
Length control collars provide for easy, independent customization on both sides with a smooth, effortless slide
Weighted, heavy-duty metal base for stability and durability
Connection Size 4-Mar in
Connection Type GHT
Dimensions 7-1/2 x 20-5/8 x 3-1/2 in
Material Metal
Pressure Rating 60 psi
Spray Pattern Rectangular
Height: 21.63"
Length: 16.13"
Width: 12"

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