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Achla PYL-25 Square-on-Squares Pylon

Achla PYL-25 Square-on-Squares Pylon
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Achla PYL-25 Square-on-Squares Pylon    Achla PYL-25 Square-on-Squares Pylon

Achla PYL-25 Square-on-Squares Pylon


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For any avid gardener or plant lover, finding enough vertical space for your climbing vines, flowers, vegetables, or runners can be a challenge. Many people choose traditional wrought iron trellises and arbors for their combination of strength and graceful style. With Square-On-Squares Trellises by ACHLA Designs, you get not only the functionality of a sturdy plant support, but also the artistic style of a well-designed wrought iron structure. The Square-on-Squares Pylon is a unique three-sided trellis topped with a large bowl-shaped basket. This large trellis makes a striking impression, with or without climbing plants. The generous basket has a jute liner that can hold a large container or be planted directly. Fill the wide basket with cascading blooms and welcome guests with a fountain of color at your garden entrance or drive. The coordinating Square-On-Squares Arbor, Square-On-Squares Wall Trellis, and Double Pole Trellis allow you to create a unified Modern garden theme.

The Square-On-Squares wrought iron Garden Trellises by ACHLA Designs are a contemporary diversion from the traditional square garden trellis or arbor. With an architecture theme of overlapping right angles, these trellises provide many points of contact for climbing garden plants to attach. Ideal for roses, clematis, wisteria.
Easy installation for decorative plant support, connect side components together, push the spiked legs directly into the garden soil and encourage vining plants to work their way up. Pylon basket slides onto the pole tops. Jute basket liner included.
For garden beds, along paths and drives, these trellises can be used for outdoor vertical gardening in-ground, creating a dramatic border or entryway with both climbing and hanging plants.
Our airy wrought iron pieces are slim yet strong, providing a strength and longevity that can reliably support your long-term perennial plantings. Square -On-Squares Trellis is tall, at 60-in H, with a large, 24-in diameter planting basket.
All Square-On Squares pieces are finished with a Graphite powder coating for the look of natural wrought iron, and weather resistance, to last more than just one season

Material: Wrought Iron
Finish: Graphite Powdercoat Finish
Assembly Required: Yes
Achla Product Number: PYL-25

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