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Achla PYL-09 72 Inch Mushroom Trellis

Achla PYL-09 72 Inch Mushroom Trellis
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Achla PYL-09 72 Inch Mushroom Trellis    Achla PYL-09 72 Inch Mushroom Trellis

Achla PYL-09 72 Inch Mushroom Trellis


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Create an elegant garden with a handcrafted wrought-iron trellis by Achla Designs. We make a wide variety of sizes and decorative styles to fit every garden, offering the functionality of a sturdy plant support and the artistic beauty of an elegant wrought iron structure. Add a bold, 3-dimensional component to your garden with a Mushroom Trellis. A perfect structure for growing mandevilla, climbing jasmine, or black-eyed Susan vine on your deck or patio. Flank a path or entryway with “trees” of blooming tea roses, create a stunning umbrella of wisteria blooms, or lift gourd vines in the vegetable bed. Available in two sizes.

Mushroom Pylon garden trellises by ACHLA Designs can be used to add a functional and decorative vertical feature to the garden. Create an umbrella of foliage, lifting plants up to increased light and air circulation.
With cover of foliage, the unique attractive shape, makes an elegant tree-like canopy. Place as a focal point for a garden bed, border, or large container planting, at an entry, with a tree bench, even for wedding or event décor.
Ideal for any type of climbing plant, ornamental or edible- snap pea, runner beans, cucumber, mandevilla, or moonflower, in containers or flowerbeds. Freestanding structures can be placed in any area of the home, yard, patio, or garden.
Our airy wrought iron pieces are slim yet strong, providing a strength and longevity that can reliably support your plantings for many seasons. In two sizes, offering a large growing area, at 72-in H and 94 -in H. Designed to be easily erected with slip-in components.
Finished with a Roman Bronze powder coating for weather resistance, to last more than just one season

Material: Wrought Iron
Finish: Roman Bronze Powdercoat Finish
Assembly Required: Yes
Achla Product Number: PYL-09

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