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Norm's Farms Best Elderberry Syrup

Norm's Farms Best Elderberry Syrup
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Norm's Farms Best Elderberry Syrup


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Norm's Best Elderberry Syrup is expertly crafted to provide natural and comforting relief during seasonal discomfort. This specially formulated elderberry liquid combines their premium Elderberry Extract with luscious honey, delivering a perfect blend of soothing properties. Enhanced with the pain-relieving qualities of cloves, it effectively coats your sore throat. And to further elevate its potency, they've infused it with cinnamon, adding an extra boost of relief.

Ingredients: Elderberry, water, honey, cinnamon, cloves, sugar (less than 1% by volume), malic acid* (less than .04% by volume)
8 fluid ounce reusable, recyclable glass bottle
Contains no alcohol
Contains no fillers, like glycerine
Refrigerate after opening

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