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Pecan Picker Upper

Pecan Picker Upper
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Pecan Picker Upper   Pecan Picker Upper Pecan Picker Upper

Pecan Picker Upper

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The Pecan Picker Upper nut roller will quickly and efficiently gather nuts. No more back breaking work! Just roll over nuts and they spring into the basket. The 36" handle gives you plenty of reach, with a container that holds up to two quarts of pecans! This tool will pick up any object of similar size and shape to a pecan nut. Use it to pick up kids toys, messes, and more.

36" handle made from cold rolled steel with hard wood gripIntelligently designed wire spring system with 3/8" steel handle
Holds up to 2 quarts of pecans!
8 1/2" wheel diameter
A simple & fun way to pick up fallen nuts and similar sized objects
Dump out nuts by spreading the springs apart

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