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Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock

One of the oldest, easiest and healthiest ways to preserve food. Natural lactic acid fermentation allows vegetables to retain more vitamins and minerals than other methods. Designed for making bountiful batches of sauerkraut, pickles or preserving other foods. The lead free, food-safe glaze will not retain the food’s flavors and makes clean up easy. The two semi-circular stone weights rest on top of the food inside the crock and create pressure needed for proper fermentation.

3 Gallon Capacity
Includes crock, cover and weights
No lead or harmful chemicals in our glazes
Food safe
Diameter 11", Height 15 1/2"

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Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock
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Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock
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Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock

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StarsStarsStarsStarsStars Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock just right size
Sally Nahas
If you are over 60 yrs. of age and have no built-in kitchen "help," this crock is the size for you! Not too heavy; you can lug it around yourself. "3 Gallons" is about 12 liters, in case you are comparing the European models, in which case their "10 liter" is a little smallish. The mnfr. fixed the problem they had in the top drainage, so now this is the vessel to get. If you are serious about all the health benefits of fermented veggies, plan on buying two or three of these, so you can have a sauerkraut/kimchi-dedicated one for long- term, and another for carrots, beets, cukes, etc. short-term. (They line up nicely in your coolest alcove, and look clean and neat in their light colors, as opp. to the "old country" browns. But have to warn: putting them smack dab in your kitchen makes every visitor ask: "Hey what's in there?"--and then you have to share your treasure.... Your sauerkraut won't stretch as far as you think! Boot up early while the cabbage is cheap, in Autumn!!!!
Posted at 11:05:pm 09/08/16
StarsStarsStarsStars Almost Great...
Dave Finn
I received my fermentation crock today, and have mixed feelings about it.
First, it arrived very quickly and was well packaged, and was not damaged. The crock itself is sturdy and looks nice enough to sit out on the floor or on the counter. I'm not impressed with the "handles" on the sides. They are not much more than bumps, so I wouldn't trust them to hook my fingers under them to lift or carry the crock, especially when full! I plan on putting my hands around the crock body, and use the handles to keep it from slipping through.
My real concern is how thin the lid is... as thick as the crock is, I was surprised how fragile the lid feels. I suppose that's so the gasses can lift it and escape. I have to do more research (starting with reading the directions).
I havent used the crock yet, but am looking forward to making my first batch of sauerkraut !!! So far, I would definatly order from Red Hill again, and will probably like the crock, I'll just have to handle the lid very carefully.
Posted at 12:49:am 07/01/16


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Ohio Stoneware Fermentation Crock