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Pure Vanilla Bean

Pure Vanilla Bean
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Pure Vanilla Bean


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Treat your taste buds to something special with our fancy vanilla beans! They're perfect for making your own vanilla extract at home. These beans are packed with flavor and smell amazing because we scrape out the seeds by hand. You can use them to make all sorts of yummy treats like cakes, cookies, and even fancy drinks. Our vanilla beans are super high quality and carefully prepared, so every dish you make will taste incredible. Try using just one bean and see the gourmet difference it makes!

Size: 2.7 Gram Vial
Ingredients: Vanilla Bean

Simple Vanilla Extract Recipe

1 vanilla bean
1 cup vodka (any brand)

Sharp knife
Cutting board
Glass jar with a tight-fitting lid (mason jar works well)


Prepare the Vanilla Bean: Lay the vanilla bean flat on the cutting board. With the help of a sharp knife, carefully slice the vanilla bean lengthwise, splitting it open but keeping one end intact. You should be able to open it up like a book.

Place in Jar: Put the split vanilla bean into the glass jar.

Add Vodka: Pour the vodka into the jar until the vanilla bean is fully submerged. Make sure the jar's lid is tightly sealed.

Seal and Shake: Close the jar tightly with the lid. Give it a good shake to help mix the vanilla bean with the vodka.

Store in a Cool, Dark Place: Find a cool, dark spot in your kitchen to store the jar. A cupboard or pantry works great. Leave it there for at least 6 weeks, shaking the jar gently every week or so.

Use Your Vanilla Extract: After about 6 weeks, your vanilla extract should be ready to use! You can pour it through a fine mesh strainer if you want to remove any bits of vanilla bean before using it. Use it in your favorite recipes for a delicious vanilla flavor!

Enjoy your homemade vanilla extract! It's perfect for adding flavor to cakes, cookies, and other baked treats."

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