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Bucket Grips

Bucket Grips
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Small Bucket Grips
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Large Bucket Grip
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Bucket Grips: the ultimate solution for hand protection and comfort, crafted entirely from premium 100% silicone! Fed up with the discomfort of scraped or scratched hands while handling hefty buckets or tubs? Say goodbye to callouses and unsightly wear marks with our innovative bucket handle grips. Designed for effortless application and removal, these grips are robust and built to last.

Traditional handles can be harsh on your hands when lifting and carrying heavy loads. These top-of-the-line silicone bucket grips feature a 3 or 4-finger design, offering multiple hand positions and distributing weight across a larger surface area of your fingers. This results in reduced hand strain and fatigue, especially during extended carrying tasks. Whether you're a gardener, DIY enthusiast, homeowner, pet owner, handyman, or plumber, our Bucket Grips are your go-to solution for handling heavier loads with ease.

Compatible with most metal or plastic buckets and tubs, these grips are a must-have addition to your toolkit. Experience the difference our Bucket Grips make - the heavier the load, the more you'll appreciate their unparalleled comfort and durability!

Small Bucket Grips Measure: 3 Inch X 1 Inch X 1 Inch
Large Bucket Grip Measures: 4 Inch X 1 Inch X 1.25 Inch

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