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Shop Vac Micro Cleaning Kit

Shop Vac Micro Cleaning Kit
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Shop Vac Micro Cleaning Kit


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The Shop Vac Micro cleaning kit, designed to effectively remove dirt and dust from difficult-to-reach areas. Perfect for cleaning computer keyboards, stereos, car dashboards, and more. This kit comprises a reduction nozzle, straight round brush, oval round brush, straight wand, curved wand, and crevice tool. Compatible with hoses of 1-1/4 inch diameter, the kit is crafted from durable poly pro plastic for long-lasting use.

Includes Crevice Tool Curved Wand Oval Round Brush Reduction Nozzle Straight Round Brush and Straight Wand
Material Poly Pro Plastic
Number Of Pieces 6
Specifications Fits 1-1/4 in Dia Hose
Shop Vac #8018933

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