Stove Pipe Flue Cover

Produced of 24 guage steel, designed to cover heating pipe holes in wall. Baked enamel finish. Wire fasteners hooked to Flue Cover for easy pop-in. Soft country graphic.

Stove Pipe Flue Cover
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Stove Pipe Flue Cover
6 or 7 inch Flue
8 3/16"
1 lbs
Stove Pipe Flue Cover
7 or 8 inch Flue
9 5/8"
1 lbs

Stove Pipe Flue Cover
Shipping Weight 1 lbs
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Customer Reviews
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Functional, pretty, a good value
I ordered one each of the large and small sized stove pipe flue covers, to attractively cover unused holes. My order arrived quickly, and I was very happy with the quality of the items themselves. The metal part is a yellowish color, sort of pea green, and the decal is an attractive farm scene in shiny paper. The spring loaded wires were included, so it was a simple matter to install them. They add just the right country look to our guest house, and remind me of the antique ones we had when I was a child.