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Zareba Sure Shock HDW1320YA-Z Heavy-Duty Polywire

Zareba Sure Shock HDW1320YA-Z Heavy-Duty Polywire

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Use heavy-duty Sure Shock electric fence polywire from Zareba to contain your livestock and horses within your interior paddocks. This electric fencing line features three highly conductive aluminum strands that deliver 20X the shocking power to animals that come in contact with it. Each 1320 ft length of heavy-duty polywire has been PVC-coated to deliver UV protection to its fiberglass weave. This durable fence tape is 2X stronger than other fence polywire.

1,320ft Spool
20X more shocking power than stainless steel
Features three highly conductive aluminum wires
PVC-coated fiberglass and UV-stabilized for long life
Easy to install, repair and splice while in the field
Will not rust
For controlled grazing, rotational grazing and temporary fencing
Zareba #HDW1320YA-Z WIRE POLY 1320FT

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