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Zareba RSVT8 8-Light Voltage Tester

Zareba RSVT8 8-Light Voltage Tester

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The Zareba 8-Light Voltage Tester checks the voltage of the fence line or the fence charger. This tester is designed for low impedance and standard duty fence chargers. Easy to use. Neon lights indicate voltage levels from 600 to 7,000 volts. To test fence line: Insert probe into ground and hook or touch tester to hot wire. To test fence charger: Touch probe to ground terminal and then touch metal hook to fence terminal. Highest blinking light indicates voltage level.

Easily check voltage on fence or fence energizer
For use with low impedance and standard energizers
ndicator lights show 600 volts to 7,000 volts
Zareba #RSVT8

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