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Zareba PW1320Y6-Z Polywire

Zareba PW1320Y6-Z Polywire

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Easy to handle, install and rewind, weighs 3 lb/1000 ft. 6-yellow and black interwoven conductive wires. Can be used over and over in temporary pastures for temporary grazing, strip or rotational grazing and general pasture and pet control. Easily tightened and repaired, use a polywire tightener, No.PWT6 to maintain wire tension as needed. For top results, energize poly wire fence lines with a low impedance fence controller. Spool weight of 3.7 lb.

1,320ft Spool
Alternative wiring for your electric fence
Lightweight and convenient
Easy to install, repair and splice
More visible than traditional wire
Features six strands of woven conductive wire
180 lb breaking load
Zareba #PW1320Y6-Z PLY FENCE WIRE 1/4M

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