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Zareba IT5XB-Z T-Post 5 Inch Extension Insulators

Zareba IT5XB-Z T-Post 5 Inch Extension Insulators

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These insulators are ideal when you need just a little more space between the wire and the post. The Zareba Snap-on 5-Inch Extender T-Post Insulator extends the wire 5 inches from the post. This insulator fits securely on standard (1.25 or 1.33) studded T-posts. No hardware is needed to put this insulator on a post. Please note: You will receive the Black Colored Insulators, not the Yellow.

10 per package
Snap-on insulator holds steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope or polywire
Simple installation, no hardware needed
UV-stabilized polyethylene
Zareba #IT5XB-Z

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