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Zareba Fi-Shock FW-00001T Fence Wire

Zareba Fi-Shock FW-00001T Fence Wire

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Extend your fences with this durable Zareba ¼ Mile 17 Gauge Aluminum Wire. This aluminum wire is rust-proof and a good conductor. It's suitable for use on all fence post types and performs well even in adverse weather conditions. This wire works well with plastic or ceramic insulators for flexibility in installation.

17 Gauge,1/4mile Per Spool
Breaking load limit of 90 lb. Lightweight. Rustproof.
Strong 17 ga aluminum wire with electric fences for great durability
Rustproof aluminum wire is for your fencing needs
Use with plastic or porcelain insulators on all fence post types
It carries charge better than steel wire
Zareba #FW00001T ALUM WIRE 17GA 1320'

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