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Dare 1793 Old Ironsides Gate Handle

Dare 1793 Old Ironsides Gate Handle

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Steel Cased Gate Handle. Unbreakable. BLACK. Safety hook and body formed as one...from 7/8" diameter steel pipe. Spring mechanism consists of 4 1/4" long compression spring fastened to a 5/16" diameter eyebolt. All metal parts permanently assembled using 20 tons of force. No flimsy snap-on/push-on fasteners used anywhere. Large insulating grip measures 5 1/8" long with a 2 1/4" diameter flange for extra shock protection. Molded of a soft flexible material that will not chip, crack or break when abused.
Performs in any climate. Metal parts plated to resist rust. Molded grip contains carbon black to deter UV rays.
The heaviest, toughest DARE electric fence gate handle ever.

Dare #1793

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