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Homemade Yogurt Recipe

Make homemade yogurt to add to your healthy granola breakfast. This is the extra boost your body needs to start the day! Mix it with dried fruit for a healthy snack anytime.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe


  • 1/2 gallon milk
  • Yogurt starter
  • Saran wrap


On stovetop, warm 1/2 gallon of milk on medium heat to pasteurize. Do not bring to boil. Remove from heat and let cool until room temperature or warm to the touch. Clean a large bowl with soap and warm water to sterilize, then pour in milk. Add yogurt starter and put saran wrap over top of bowl.

Turn oven on to 500°F and keep on for 30 seconds to a minute then turn off. This is just to warm the oven for incubation. Put the bowl in the oven for 12 hours or overnight.

After 12 hours, yogurt should be chunky and sour to the taste. Store in the refrigerator in a partially sealed container such as a lemonade pitcher. Yogurt keeps for a few weeks to a month.

Homemade Yogurt Recipe