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Fermentation Lids For Mason Jars

Effortlessly transform any regular mouth mason jar into a fermentation vessel. Place your ferment inside the Mason jar and pop on this #13 stopper. Insert the s-shaped airlock or 3-piece airlock into the hole. Fill the airlock with water, sanitizing liquid or alcohol and you're ready to go! This system creates a one-way valve allowing pressure and gas to escape while keeping oxygen that spoils your ferment out. Airlocks are made with durable plastic and are easy to clean. These airlock lids prevent mold.

#13 Rubber Bung
#13 stopper with 3/8 inch hole.
Top diameter 50 mm
bottom diameter 42 mm
length 25 mm.

ID#: orhfe475
#13 Rubber Bung and S-Shaped Airlock

Mason Jar Not Included

ID#: orhfe475fe371
#13 Rubber Bung and 3 Piece Airlock

Mason Jar Not Included

ID#: orhfe475fe370