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Solo Pump Sprayer Troubleshooting Guide
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Difficulty in moving pump handle
• dirty cylinder wall
• remove piston, clean and
• O-ring on piston swollen
  (not cleaned properly)
• replace O-ring
• no lube on piston/cylinder
• lubricate with heavy
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Low pressure & resistance during pumping
• damaged O-ring in  
  pressure relief valve
• replace O-ring
• worn or damaged O-ring
  on piston
• replace O-ring
• tank cap not tight
• tighten cap
• no lube on piston cylinder
• lubricate piston, O-ring and
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Leaks from end of spray wand
• worn or damaged O-ring
   in shut-off valve
• rebuild shut-off valve
Leaks from inside cylinder
• worn or damaged umbrella
   valve at bottom of cylinder
• replace umbrella valve
Leaks under cap
• damaged or missing gasket
• replace gasket
• screw cap not tight
• tighten tank cap
Leaks from shut-off valve
• worn, damaged or loose
  fittings, lack of lubrication
• tighten fittings and replace
  worn parts, disassemble and
   lubricate O-rings
Leaks from hose
• worn, damaged or loose
• tighten fittings and replace
  worn parts
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Pressure relief valve sticks
 • lack of lubrication or
   contaminated relief valve
• clean and lubricate pressure
   relief valve
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Air leak - air coming out between the two halves of the pump support
• tank cap not tight
• tighten tank cap
• gasket twisted or lacking
• straighten gasket and lubricate
  with grease
• tank lip damaged
• repair or replace tank
Note: Always wear rubber gloves, safety goggles and appropriate protective clothing when repairing a sprayer. Work in well ventilated area. Prior to repair, flush unit with water by filling, then spraying the water into an appropriate container or area. Ensure that all pressure is released by locking the shut-off valve in the open position. Once a repair is completed, fill the unit with clean water, pressurize, and check for leaks. If the sprayer leaks, Do Not Use. Repair leaks and recheck.

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