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Mason Jar Oil Lamp Burner

Mason Jar Oil Lamp Burner
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#2 Mason Jar Oil Lamp Burner
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2 3/4" brass plated collar, accepts a 3" chimney, screws onto any 2 3/4" mason jar
Accepts regular mouth mason jars
Fits chimneys: OBP57920, C9200122, A12220, OBP57933, A29834, C2981445, OBP57944, OBP57966I, OBP57971C, OBP57966I, OBP57971C, OBP57944
Fits wicks 7/8" wide:OBP29931, OBP29919

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These mason jar oil lamp burners will make the best mason jar lanterns. They are beautiful and easy to operate. Screw the burner onto a mason jar full of lamp oil and light the wick. These mason jar oil lamps will add unique lighting to any special event or occasion.

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