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Brass Plated Oil Lamp Burner

Brass Plated Oil Lamp Burner
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#2 Brass Plated Oil Lamp Burner

#2 Antique Brass Plated Oil Lamp Burner
1 3/16" diameter threaded base, 1 3/4" screw on collar, fits most #2 collars, accepts a 3" chimney
Fits collars: OBP20011, OBP20017, OBP20012, OBP20012A
Fits chimneys: A12220, A29834, OBP57933, C9200122, C9281445, OBP57944, OBP57966I, OBP57971C, OBP57966I, OBP57971C, OBP57944
Fits wicks 3/4" wide: OBP29918, OBP29916

We provide quality oil lamp burners from our oil lamp supplies! Each oil lamp burner has old fashioned style, bringing a vintage touch to your home decor. Find the right oil lamp burner for you, and shop our chimneys, wicks and knowledge base.

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