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Dietz Hurricane Lantern

Dietz Hurricane Lantern
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Black with Gold Dietz Hurricane LanternBlack with Gold
Black Dietz Hurricane LanternBlack
Red Dietz Hurricane LanternRed
Green Dietz Hurricane LanternGreen
Blue Dietz Hurricane LanternBlue
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Black with Gold Dietz Hurricane Lantern
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10" Lantern Height
8 candlepower
11 - 15 hours Light Duration
8oz Fuel Capacity
Comes with 6" length of wick 7/16" - 1/2" wick width
1/16" wick thickness
Replacement Wicks: OBP29933
Replacement Globe: O21CL8507
Replacement Burner: OBP12630
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Released in 1978 the Dietz #76 Original Hurricane Lantern was designed after a popular German-made variety. Select from five vintage colors and styles. This lantern features a unique left-handed globe lever for making wick-lighting easy. Use for ambient or emergency lighting inside or out on the porch. Rustic lighting for restaurant tables. This Dietz hurricane lantern, named appropriately for its resistance to high wind, is ready for any adventure or emergency. Safe and economical to operate. They burn an average of 2 cents of lamp oil each hour. You'll be working by the light of a lantern even when the power is on! Made by Dietz Lantern Company. Looking for something smaller? View our 8.5" tall dietz comet lantern.


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