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Duke Easy Pecan Nutcracker

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Making nuts easy to crack.
The Duke easy pecan nut cracker has been the best selling pecan and nutcracker for years. The easy pecan nutcracker is adjustable allowing you to set the pecan nutcracker to the correct size so the pecan is cracked perfect each time leaving the pecan meat intact, thus eliminating use of a pecan nut pick. The pecan nut cracker lends commercial speed to a formerly a tedious job. Easily adjustable to crack all medium and soft shell nuts. Cracks from the largest Mayan Pecan and large English Walnut to the smallest seedling pecan and filbert. Designed and manufactured to last a lifetime.
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Easy Pecan Nut Cracker
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Duke Easy Pecan Nut Cracker
Watch Demonstration!
  • Our best-selling nut cracker!!!
  • Works on any soft shell nut
  • quality item that will last through years and years of use.
  • Eliminates the need for nut picks.
  • Works quickly and easily
  • Sturdy metal construction already mounted to a hardwood board
  • This product was featured on The Martha Stewart Show!
  • Easy to assemble just turn the handle clockwise until tight and its ready for unlimited use
  • Measures 16" long including handle length

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Duke Easy Pecan Nut Cracker