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Black Walnut Cracker

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Never a black walnut too hard to crack.
Designed to smoothly crack black walnuts, hickory nuts, butternuts and macadamia nuts with ease. Soft shell nuts like pecans and English Walnuts will effortlessly explode. Cracking tough nuts doesn't have to be drudgery. We know what it's like to tire of that hard to control hammer thrashing your home and body. This reliable nut cracker comes assembled and ready for use. Sturdy and simple structure intended to hold up for generations of nut cracking.
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14 lbs
Black Walnut Cracker

Black Walnut Cracker
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  • Works on any nut (hard or soft shells) and it's easy to operate
  • Cast aluminum frame comes mounted to hardwood base
  • Gear-lever easily applies necessary pressure to crack hard nuts
  • Two different size bolts for large and small nuts
  • Cracks walnuts leaving the inner meat intact
  • Handle measures 10"Overall size 16 X 5 X 8 3/4"

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Customer Reviews
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Very Satisfied
Wayne Tolbert
Wow! It's nuts how fast this cracker came to my door. ordered on Monday, had it on Wednesday! The cracker was a little stiff and it took a few tries to get the cracker "running like butter on a conveyor belt", but I think that might have been user error.

I began my second batch to crack with ease and was cracking walnuts like I had been doing it all of my life. The cracker is easy to use and quick after the first few walnuts. I would recommend this to anyone! It can really handle Black Walnuts!
Posted at 6:55:pm 10/28/14
Perfect for Walnuts
Love this nutcracker, it has made cracking walnuts so much easier. I love canning walnuts to use in recipes during the winter, and using a hammer just wasn't getting the job done efficiently, I took a risk and invested in this risk I've taken on a product.



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