Solo Hand Sprayer 420 2L
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Solo 420-2L Hand Sprayer

This Solo Hand Sprayer has the capability of being used with one hand. It has an adjustable telescopic wand with a 16" to 24" extensions for comfortable ground level spraying without the discomfort of constant bending. The tank is UV resistant and made from high density polyethylene. Piston pump created with Viton® seals for quick pressurization and chemical resistance. The pressure relief valve is a safety feature to prevent over pressurization of the sprayer. Great for indoor and outdoor spraying needs. Use for gardening, fertilization, weed control, or even for automobile cleaning. This hand sprayer is easily filled and cleaned.

Features: 2 liter usable capacity. 12 oz dry weight. High efficiency piston pump with . Viton® seals. 16" to 24" wand extension. Fully adjustable nozzle from direct jet to fine mist. Drip-drift guard helps with spray control. Hinged multi-directional wand. Trigger locks to help reduce user fatigue.

2 liter usable capacity
12oz dry weight
Piston pump
16" to 24" wand extension
Fully adjustable nozzle
Drip-drift guard
Hinged multi-directional wand
Manufacturer Model Number: 420-2L
UPC: 720343420005
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Solo 420-2L Hand Sprayer
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Solo 420-2L Hand Sprayer
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Solo 420-2L Hand Sprayer

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Solo Hand Sprayer 420 2 Liter