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Woods 59200 Indoor Timer

INDOOR 24-HOUR MECHANICAL TIMER. Use with lamps, radios, small appliances & more. 48 on/off settings per day. Programming repeats daily. Unique easy to set, easy to read pin system. Non-removable pins. Small, thin, compact design. Internal micro switch provides a consistent, reliable, high quality product. 125 Volts, 15 Amps, 1875 Watts. Resistive 125 Volts, 10 Amps, 1250 Watts Tungsten TV-4, 1/3 Horsepower.

The Woods 59200 Indoor Timer features:
24-hour cycle - same On/Off settings each day
Multiple On/Off settings - maximum 48 per day
Never-Lose pins cannot be removed or lost
Helps to lower energy costs
Ratings: 125V, 15 Amp
2 - Conductor
Color: White

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Woods 59200 Indoor Timer
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Woods 59200 Indoor Timer
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Woods 59200 Indoor Timer

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